Turn Yourself On

Held at the beautiful and magical island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand, where the Law of Attraction works faster than pizza delivery, you will emerge from this retreat as the powerful, sensual, fearless Goddess you’ve been carrying inside.

February 18-24, 2012
The Middle Way Resort
Koh Phangan, Thailand

If the words below describe you, please…. Come! And yes, the pun is totally intended.


Is this you?

You feel torn, between being a ‘good girl’ and allowing yourself the expression of your innermost desires, your power as Woman.

How can you do this, when you’ve learned that striving to be ‘good enough,’ to be deserving of appreciation, means you need to fight with your body and yourself? How can you allow yourself this freedom , let alone enjoy it, when you’ve been taught to be afraid and ashamed of the very source of your power? Of your sexuality? Of your femininity?

Thinking about breaking free, you might get anxious and tense. Perhaps you feel guilty. Afraid of your own power, scared of what might happen if you truly let yourself have this.

But you want to let the Goddess out. You’ve been keeping yourself under wraps, presenting yourself as calm, collected and under control for too damn long.

You’re aware that, deep within, there’s a storm of passion, fire and power waiting to explode. You know it’s there, and you are ready to let her out.

Oh my Goddess! It’s scary and exciting, and you don’t know how to do this without losing yourself.

This is where the power of women circles comes in.

Join Melody Kiersz and a group of other aspiring fearlessly sensual women, as she guides you in the process of turning yourself on, learning to love yourself body, mind, heart and spirit.

During this retreat, you will learn how to harness the power of your ego, body, pleasure and femininity to reach higher and higher states of bliss on every level: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The journey is specifically designed so that it’s accessible, yet at the same time transferable to your every day life once you leave the island.

* Yoga
* Dance
* Nutrition
* Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques
* Manifestation exercises
* Sacred Sexuality
* Self-Love
* Sharing & support
* Jungle walks to reconnect with Mama Nature
* Thai massages
* Beautiful beaches



Some of the stuff we will cover…
* Body image
* Confidence & Self esteem
* Low energy
* Getting unstuck
* Creating support from the inside out
* Honest communication & setting boundaries
* Female and male orgasm
* Leading an orgasmic life (literally and figuratively!)

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One thought on “Turn Yourself On

  1. i have the utmost respect for my body,it is the goddesss temple!and i respect my body,and what it needs and wants<3

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